Storage and Serving

Due to its characteristics, natural cider for traditional pouring requires minimum care in storage and handling. Store in a cool place away from excessive movement and vibration. 

The ideal serving temperature into the glass is 13º to 16º, i.e. cool. In hot weather it is advisable to keep the bottle immersed in cool water, upright, avoiding contact between cork and water. Prior to pouring, it is customary to turn the bottle over and shake its contents briefly in order to activate the endogenous natural carbon and dilute the sediment, as a result of filter-free production. 

Sparkling Cider requires a serving temperature of between 6º and 8º and New Expression cider a temperature between 8º and 10º, with the same storage recommendations as for natural cider, and serving glasses as for sparkling wines (tulip) and white wines (high ball) respectively.

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