Food & Cider

To start with... always Cider of Asturias

"To start with... always Cider of Asturias"

In the course of a meal, sensory sensitivity decreases, the senses gradually lose their sharpness, so it is recommendable to order food and beverages according to the strength and degree of flavours; fresh, light drinks, low in alcohol, will be best to start with.

Cider of Asturias meets all the requirements to make it an excellent drink as an aperitif, including:

All this makes Cider of Asturias "The best aperitif in the world"

Perhaps some of the reasons why we consider Cider of Asturias to be an "unbeatable aperitif" play a psychological role, but we have no doubt that its organoleptic qualities are an important physiological factor as a complement to food.

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