Several Practical Guides

Now we present you some guides that will try to approach, to people that love cider, to a world full of shades and peculiarities.  With these guides we intend to give you some trails that will transport you from the theory to the practice and that will permit you to go deeper in this wonderful experience that is the Asturian cider, in all its forms and varieties. 

We have always heard that this or this cider is tasty to me or not, that I like this cider or I do not.  In the “Tasting of the Cider” we offer you some trails so that you can identify the virtues and defects of the Asturian cider and that can make you and expert in it. 

One of the things of the cider world that mostly attracts people is perhaps the act of throwing because it is peculiar and folkloric.  Besides the throwing is the last link between the consumer and the cider productive process, perhaps one of the most important.  Our section “The Throw”, describes how it is perfectly done and the different steps that you should follow to learn it. 

For the lovers of Asturias and its most symbolic product we arrange a “Route of the Cider” that will take you on a trip to all the press-houses that are members of our Control Board and will permit you to enjoy the landscapes, the gastronomy and the Asturian culture.

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