Types of cider


Within the PDO we find three products: Natural Traditional Cider (requires pouring from a height and is not filtered); New Expression Natural Cider (does not require high pouring, is filtered and stabilized); Sparkling Cider, whose main characteristic is that the carbonation is derived from the actual fermentation and its taste is dry.



Natural Cider (Traditional)

  • Features: fermented apple beverage from the 22 PDO varieties.
  • Sensory: intense straw yellow appearance, relative transparency, good froth and endurance. Aroma: true to the fruit of origin and clean. Taste: Intense and refreshing, acidic base-note with irrelevant tart notes, some astringency and a slight sweet note.

Natural Cider (New Expression)

  • Features: fermented apple beverage mainly from 12 of the PDO varieties. Filtered before bottling.
  • Sensory: Lemon yellow appearance with green and gold notes. Presence of micro bubbles, clean and bright. Aromas: fruit, vegetables and flowers. Taste: Fresh and light, acidic and tart taste with carbonation.

Sparkling Cider

  • Features: Endogenous gas comes from fermentation. There are two methods: fermentation in the bottle (traditional method) and tank fermentation (Granvas method).Bottle fermented sparkling cider has greater production costs. It is a hand-produced cider requiring more work and care than any other, since each bottle can be considered a single container. All bottles of the same vintage and receiving the same treatment are called bottle batches. The tank fermentation method is also allowed.
  • Sensory: a dry, brut type cider. Colour: pale yellow with golden sparkles; fine, constant, slow-forming bubbles that form a noticeable crown. Aroma: fruity aromas in harmony with toasted notes suggesting wood. Flavour: dry, slightly acidic, and low in alcohol, with freshness that lasts.

Brand and Logo of the Designation of OriginIdentifies products with PDO.

Since 2004, the cider with designation of origin are differentiated from those that are not, by these details:

  1. The back label given by the Regulatory Board to qualified products.
  2. The generic brand SIDRA DE ASTURIAS, registered by the Regulatory Board for the exclusive use of the ciders covered by the designation of origin.
  3. Brands with Designation of Origin registered by producers must be used only for   products with designation of origin.

etiqueta sidra de asturias

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