Apple Varieties

The elaboration of the PDO

The elaboration of the PDO "Cider of Asturias” protected cider has to be made exclusively with cider apples varieties included within the following technological blocks: 

Acid:  Durona de Tresali, Blanquina, Limón Montés, Teórica, San Roqueña, Raxao, Xuanina Prieta and  Fuentes. Sweet:Verdialona and Ernestina.  

Acid-Bitter: Regona.

Bitter: Clara.

Bitter-Semiacid: Meana.

Sweet-Bitter: Coloradona.

Semiacid: Carrio, Solarina, De la Riega, Collaos, Perico, Panquerina and Perezosa.

Table varieties that are not admitted in the PDO and, therefore, are forbidden.

Other features that distinguish these varieties are, besides the technological group, their vigour, flowering time, production, sensitivity to fungi and the ripening season. All these features are represented below (Source: "Description of the varieties of PDO Cider of Asturias apple. SERIDA. Authors: E. Dapena, M. Dolores Blázquez):

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