Cider apple tree blossoming

The apple tree has a special property that affects the cider production directly, thevecería. This means that a year the tree gives enough apple and the following year little.  For that reason the cider apple is cropped in biennial harvests and, therefore, the cider is produced for two complete years although this is not a problem for big Press-Houses that import apple.

From the end of September and until end of November, the apple is cropped, although it depends on the apple variety and weather conditions. Ground apples “toad apples” are never to be gathered because being excessively early they are not good to make cider.

Cider apple tree blossoming

The apple trees of Asturian varieties under the Designation of Origin Cider of Asturias start flowering in spring and from mid-April. The first blossoms announce what will soon be the spectacular flowering of the apple trees. Early varieties are in full bloom in late April, which is when the late varieties start flowering, ending in the third week of May.

The first blossoms...

It is in this spring period and early summer when growth occurs in the apple trees, with the consequent blossoming and later development of fruit.

At this time thinning of blossoms takes place. This ensures the quality and control of those varieties that tend to have excessive production.

Asturias has excellent conditions, from a natural standpoint, for first class cider apple orchards.

It is imperative at this time to avoid frost and turbulent weather, which could jeopardize the onset of fruiting in the summer months.

Fruiting of cider apple trees

The full fruiting of PDO varieties occurs in the month of August. Fruit shape and final size will be known in September.



Advanced Fruiting of PDO cider apple trees

San RoqueñaDurona de TresaliSolarina PrietaRegona Blanquina

Cider apple harvesting

The collection of the harvest of PDO apple varieties is mainly between the months of October and November of each year.

‘Clearing’ the Apples

Clearing’ the Apples

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