What are the particular characteristics of the PDO

What are the particular characteristics of the PDO

  • Their main objectives are to look after the quality of the product and to protect the ciders that, fulfilling the characteristics defined in the Regulations, have as well fulfilled the production, harvesting, elaboration and bottling requirements.
  • The zone of production of ciders protected by the PDO "Cider of Asturias" is the land located in all and each one of the Councils that form the territorial scope of the Principality of Asturias.
  • The elaboration of protected ciders will be carried out with apples of the following varieties included within the following technological groups:  Acid:  Durona de Tresali, Blanquina, Limón Montés, Teórica, San Roqueña, Raxao, Xuanina and Fuentes;  Sweet:  Verdialona and Ernestina;  Acid-bitter:  Regona; Bitter:  Clara;  Bitter-Semiacid:  Meana; Sweet-Bitter:  Coloradona;  Semiacid:  Carrio, Solarina, De la Riega, Collaos, Perico, Prieta and Perezosa;  Semiacid-Bitter:  Panquerina. The following varieties are prohibited: R.B. Canada, R.G. Canada - R. Francia, Esperiega, R. Canada - Pumarón – García Sol - Francesa - Esperiega, R. Panera, Golden Delicious - Infiestón, Mingán, Chata Encarnada, N. of Cox - Tartilla - Villaviciosa, Florina - Querina, Carapanón - R. Rosada, Granny Smith, Macintosh - Rosalisa
  • The defence of the Protected Designation of Origin is entrusted to the Control Board of the Protected Designation of Origin "Cider of Asturias". 

What are the advantages of the Protected Designation of Origin?

  • Adapts a strict and legal framework for the defence and protection of the product against fraud
  • Foments and favours the organization of the productive sector
  • Improves the spreading, promotion and the supply of the protected product at a regional, national and international level
  • Facilitate access to national and international markets. 

Which are the rights and obligations of the enlisted operators?

Rights of registered

 Only those enlisted in the Registry of Operators will be able to produce apples destined to the elaboration of protected cider, to transform this apples and to obtain ciders that could be certified as POD "Cider of Asturias" and packaged under the protection of this Designation. 

The Protected Designation of Origin "Cider of Asturias" can only be applied to the cider coming from plantations and Press-Houses enlisted in the corresponding Registry of Operators, and which have been produced, elaborated and packaged according to the regulations of the PDO and that fulfil the established analytical and organolepticaltests.

The right to use the Protected Designation of Origin labels and logos in documentation, publicity or information, is exclusive to the companies that are registered in the Control Board and have obtained the certification of the product. 

Obligations of registered

The registered producers are forced to the fulfilment of the Regulations and other internal documents of the Control Board as well as to satisfy the correspondent rates fixed by the Board.

The registered producers must have their inscription updated within the Registry and be debt free with the Control Board. The Control Board will guarantee the confidentiality of all members’ data. 

With the objective of being able to guarantee the origin and quality of ciders, the owners of the plantations and Press-Houses must fulfil the following requirements: 

  • The people who have enlisted plantations or Press-Houses will have to store apples, musts and ciders only in places declared in the Registry, losing in the opposite case the right to the Designation of Origin.
  • All the owners of the plantations and Press-Houses will have to declare to the Control Board the following things: 
    1. The companies enlisted in the Registry of Operators "Plantations" have to present, once the harvesting is finished, declaration of the harvest obtained in each one of the plantations registered, and indicate the destination for each one. 
    2. The companies enlisted in the Registry of Operators "Press-Houses" have to declare the volume of obtained cider; the origin of the apples and the destiny of the ciders that they sell.

The trademarks, symbols, emblems, advertising legend or any other type of information, that are used in cider protected by the Designation of Origin, can not be used under any circumstances, not even by the own holders, in the commercialization of other protected ciders or apple derived drinks. 


How to integrate myself in the Protected Designation of Origin?

  • By means of the inscription in the Registry of Operators:

   The requests of inscription in the Registry of Operators "Plantations" and "Press-Houses" must be addressed to the Control Board. 

  • Who can register?  

In the Registry of Operators "Plantations" will be able to register the owners of the plantations located in the zone of production that adjust to the established in the Regulations of the PDO and whose apples can be destined to the elaboration of protected cider. 

The Control Board will give owners of the registered plots a credential of this inscription.

The registration fee for plantations will be that which is in effect at that time, per proprietor. Also an annual rate will have to be satisfied each campaign.

In the Registry of Operators "Press-Houses" will be able to register the owners of cider making facilities located in the zone of production that the Control Board identifies as apt to elaborate cider that can be protected by the PDO. The inscription rate for Press-Houses is 150 Euros per titular. Also an annual rate will be satisfied each year.

The inscription in the Registry of Operators does not imply that the interested do not have the obligation to register in all other compulsory and established Registries, like the Registry of Agrarian Industries. This will have to be previously guaranteed to the inscription in the Registries of the Control Board.

  • What are the conditions of inscription?

Voluntarity of the inscription

The inscription in Registry of Operators is voluntary as well as the corresponding dismissal. Once the latter is produced, a minimum time of a year will have to pass to have the right to a new inscription, except for property changes. The organizations registered could also be dismissed by sanction by the Control Board, not being able to come back again before two years.

In order to be able to obtain the cider certification with the Protected Designation of Origin, the inscription in the Registry will be necessary.

Validity of the inscription

For the validity of the inscription in the Registry of Operators, will be indispensable to fulfil at any moment the requirements imposed by the Regulations of the PDO, having to communicate any variation that affects to provided data once it takes place to the Control Board. Consequently, the Control Board will be able to suspend or to annul the inscriptions when the holders do not follow these prescriptions. The Regulating Council will carry out periodic inspection to verify the effectiveness of all previously mentioned measurements.

Not solved my doubts, How can I ask questions to the Control Board?

If you did not obtained satisfactory answers for your doubts in this FAQ section, you can ask your questions through our contact form.

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