Organisational Chart and Structure of the Control Board Plenary.

is constituted by twelve members

The Plenary of the Control Board is constituted by twelve members:

  • Six Members in representation of the apple growing sector that are democratically chosen by and among those registered in the in the Control Board.  
  • Six Members in representation of the cider makers that are democratically chosen by and among those registered in the Control Board. 
  • A representative chosen by the Ministry of Agriculture, and are able to speak but not to vote. 
  • The Managing Director of the Control Board attends the sittings and is able to speak but not to vote and acts as Secretary of the Plenary. 

Our Organisational Chart and Structure

Organisational Chart of the Control Board Plenary.

Organisational Chart of the Control Board Plenary.The twelve members of the Regulatory Board reach agreements on the operation of the Regulatory Board and the implementation of the Regulations, as well as dealing with technical and promotional matters that will be incorporated into the quality manual. For these two matters, the governing body appoints a technical and a promotion committee, which contribute their know-how and meet regularly to resolve topics under discussion at any given time.

There is also an executive committee consisting of the President, Vice President and Manager, so that further topics can be dealt with and then proposed to the governing body.

From among these twelve Members, a President and a vice-President are chosen, belonging the President and the vice President to different sectors although they could be a person of recognized prestige, still when he does not hold the condition of member of the Plenary.  The President is elected by the members of the Plenary and appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Principality of Asturias for a mandate of four years as well as the vice President.


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