Protected Origin “Cider of Asturias”

The Control Board of Designation of Protected Origin “Cider of Asturias” is a related body to the Ministry of Rural Environment and Fishing of the Administration of the Principality of Asturias, and with separated character of the latter, with decision-making powers for the given functions described in the Regulations. 


The Designation of Origin Regulatory Board is the official body established to certify that a cider qualifies as Designation of Origin "Cider of Asturias".

At the present time 25 ciderhouses, 267 growers and 587 hectares are registered and audited, with plantations of Asturian Apple Varieties belonging to the 22 varieties listed in the Designation of Origin Regulations. Designation of Origin recognition is an assurance that ciders possess certain specific sensory or organoleptic qualities.

Its framework will be determined in the territorial by the area of production and elaboration; with regard to the products by those protected by the PDO in any of its production, elaboration, storing, bottling, circulation and commercialization phases and with regard to the persons, by those registered in the different records (physical or legal persons) of the Control Board.

The Control Board is the agency of control and certification that according to the article 10 of the Regulations (CEE) 2081/92, will guarantee that the products protected by the Protected Designation of Origin comply the requirements established in its Regulations. 

Among others, the functions of the Control Board are all the administrative management of the organism; to carry out the control of the plots and the origin of the raw material for the elaboration of the protected cider, likewise of the monitoring of harvesting processes, pressing of the varieties, moving of the must, fermentation, ripening, clarifications, stabilization, bottling, labelling, distribution and commercialization, with the purpose of not mistaking the cider protected under the PDO with other of different origin; the orientation, surveillance and control of the production, elaboration and quality; quality certification of the cider protected under the PDO; will be responsible for the application of its Regulations and surveillance of its fulfilment; of the promotion and publicity of the PDO; of the concession of the rights to use the PDO according to the certification system described in the Quality Manual and Procedures and as well of the support to the commercialization of the protected product.

From the socioeconomic side of defence of the interests of the sector, the Control Board will favour the initiatives for the establishment of inter-professional agreements among the operators registered in it. 

History of the Control Board

The Control Board of Protected Designation of Origin “Cider of Asturias” was born on the 12thof November 2002, through the corresponding Resolution of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Principality of Asturias that was edited in the Official Bulletin of the region, although its gestation comes from time before, joint effort of all parts of the cider industry:

  • Apple growers.
  • Cider makers and industrialists.
  • The Government that played a key role. 

The creation of the Control Board is the culmination of the natural evolution of the cider sector marked during the last years by the increase of the price of the bottle of cider, the new Regulations on bottle labelling and a bigger demand of quality and competitiveness in the markets.  The cider sector has been able to recognise that the future of agro-alimentary products is increasingly linked with the quality and the answer has been the creation of the Control Board of Protected Designation of Origin “Cider of Asturias” whose task will be that of looking after the quality of the cider protected under the banner of the PDO.

The official inauguration of the present Headquarters of the Regulatory Board took place in July 2005 with the presence of the President of the Principality D. Vicente Álvarez Areces, the Mayor of Villaviciosa D. Cobian Martínez Asensio and Regulatory Board Chairman D. José Zaldívar Cardín.

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